21 Cinema Bogor Trade Mall

Place Types : Movie Theater, Electronics Store, Home Goods Store, Store
Address : Bogor Trade Mall Lantai 4, Jalan Ir. Haji juanda No.68, Paledang, Bogor Tengah, Paledang, Bogor Tengah, Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16122, Indonesia
Coordinate : -6.605047, 106.7958186
Phone : +62 251 8401241
Email :
Rating : 4.30
Website : www.21cineplex.com

frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is Cinema 21 BTM?

    Cinema 21 BTM is located at: Bogor Trade Mall Lantai 4, Urut-urutan Ir. Haji juanda No.68, Paledang, Bogor Tengah, Paledang, Bogor Tengah, Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16122, Indonesia.

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  • What is the phone number of Cinema 21 BTM?

    You can try to dialing this number: +62 251 8401241 – or find more information on their website: www.21cineplex.com

  • Where are the coordinates of the Cinema 21 BTM?

    Latitude: -6.605047
    Longitude: 106.7958186

What Other Say:

(27/05/2018 17:28)

Enak dan murah sih..semata-mata kalo siang counter tiketnya dibuka cuma 1. Jd ngantri terlalu lama

(02/05/2018 20:07)
XXI Ubertos (Ujung Berung Town Square)

(20/04/2018 19:09)
Another cinema in town. Plus another scenary mountainous from the balcony

(20/04/2018 17:02)

Cinema 21 Mall BTM is located on the 4th floor of Mall BTM, Bogor. It’s just a general 21 cinema. the price of the ticket is +40.000 IDR. Cinema 21 Mall BTM has a special place, which is the cafe. While waiting the movie to start, we can enjoy the view of Gunung Salak as well as Bogor City. It’s an open daerah. Since this is a cafe, so it only offers small portion of food, such as cake, popcorn, etc. For the beverage, there are coffee, tea, juice as well as coke. The cafe itself is enough for around 40 people.

(10/04/2018 10:42)
Very nice place, live band available, large and clean studio..

(08/04/2018 00:03)

nirmala dan murah

(06/04/2018 10:35)
Butuh direnov. Semoga bisa cepat upgrade ke XXI. Di Bogor udah cak semau Bogor Square dgn harga lbh murah tapi kualitas jauh lebih baik.

(28/11/2017 23:44)
Love to seat kaki langit relax there…

(19/11/2017 17:38)
This place is a great place to meet with your friends and family. We have a lot of views with a real beautiful scenery and the surrounding distrik are very popular in the around. Time to open is between 10 udara murni’clock and 11pm.

(29/10/2017 11:51)
Good place and full of people. For person who loves crowds might be like this place

(23/10/2017 13:47)

(02/08/2017 22:58)
Nice place to see mountain view

(14/06/2017 08:21)
Good for panoramic viewing to Mt. Salak.

The site, was location of Bellevue Hotel (1870s to 1940s). Maestro Painter Raden Saleh Syarif Bustaman usually held his paintings exhibition at the hotel.

Visit also “Makam Pelukis Raden Alim”.

(06/06/2017 19:47)
Place to watch movies on bogor

(11/05/2017 12:17)
Its located in 4th floors of Bogor Trade Mall and have the garden caffe with amazing view of Mt. Salak . Its usually crowded in the weekend and holiday. Ticket price is 45K in weekend/holiday and 35K in weekday

(24/04/2017 19:37)
Fast n Farious 8 now

(15/04/2017 22:45)
Nothing to complain about this place, and the cafe have a balconie which has a good view over the city of Bogor

(14/01/2017 22:50)

(27/12/2016 11:50)
So far, it is one of the cheapest cinema in Bogor. Regarding to its ambience, the price is worth it.

(13/12/2016 14:47)
Its located in 4th floors of Bogor Trade Mall and have the garden caffe with amazing view of Mt. Salak

(18/11/2016 03:02)
My fav place to watch movie bcs it’s the closest and the cheapest.

(03/09/2016 14:34)
Good cinema

(03/09/2016 13:49)

(11/08/2016 23:29)
Nice place for whatching movie, low budget

(26/06/2016 04:37)

(17/06/2016 11:25)
Filmnya kebanyakan Indonesia dan film bix office nya telat…

(11/06/2016 11:33)
Nice place to watch movies, and 1 more thing its cheap😂

(26/04/2016 00:24)
Tempatnya bagus..tapi sayang bnyakan film indonesia semua dan telat filmnya

(20/07/2015 21:50)
Nice place to watch a memorable movies!

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21 Cinema Bogor Trade Mall

Source: https://vymaps.com/ID/Cinema-21-4253468/

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